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You have arrived here because your employer has registered you to receive HIV/AIDS healthcare training and certification through the Health Information Network. Our training videos and testing meet Washington State Department of Health requirements for all licensed health care professions. We base our courses on the Washington State Department of Health’s “KNOW HIV Prevention Curriculum” as required by our state.

The total required HIV education hours depends on your job and licensing needs. Your employer has identified that you require the 7-hour training module.

Our system is as simple as 1-2-3-4… (1) Register, (2) Watch the educational video, (3) Take the online test, then (4) Download and print your completion certificate. It’s that simple. You’ve already completed Step 1, so if you’re ready to get started with the rest, so are we.

STEP 1: Register


STEP 2: Watch The Video

If you have not yet watched the training video or if you are returning to pick up where you left off previously, please click the button below to proceed.

7-Hour Training Video

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STEP 3: Take The Test

If you have already viewed your video training module in its entirety and you are returning to take your quiz, please click on the button below to proceed.

7-Hour Training Test

If you have viewed the 7-hour training video and are prepared to take your certification test, please click the button below to continue.

Good luck!

STEP 4: Get Your Certificate

You are not yet qualified to obtain your certificate. You must first view the video training module in its entirety and pass the quiz with a score of 75% correct or better.

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